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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Welcome to AME-zing Woman!

Just this morning, I had three amazing conversations with amazing women.

  • The first, an Asian grandmother and corporate travel specialist, who is out there making great things happen in our community.

  • The second, a Latina certified coach who specializes in coaching women of color in corporate America, to achieve their dreams and goals.

  • The third, a specialist with Girl Scouts of America. She brings amazing women together with our future- amazing girls.

We as women need a place to know each other and support each other in our business goals.

A place where we can challenge ourselves to be amazing, to not settle for all the crap that society tells us we should be.

We as women need to be inspired when all of THAT is getting us down.

We as women need to stick together to achieve more. It is exactly what AME-zing woman is all about.

I hope you will come back often to be inspired with us, to grow with us, to achieve what you set out to “be” with us. Our members are women who want to climb the corporate ladder, who have the dream of running their own business and want tips in a world where the majority of management is still male.
Over the last 10 years I have spent my career developing leaders. As a coach, speaker/trainer and consultant to entrepreneurs and companies like: Cisco, Maersk, Stanford Medical Center, Hitachi Data Systems (to name a few), I have worked with brand-new managers. I have worked with executives and CEOs of major companies. I have trained with some of the top experts in the world on what it means to be a great leader and manager ( see bio). What's amazing to me is that there are not enough women leading. And as a woman who owns a business, I am amazed by other women business owners who do not think of themselves as CEO. We as women can lead in a powerful, strong , loving way.

My goal is to lead a forum where we support each other in our success, where we support each other in our business goals. Here's what I know when women stick together and use our power positively with each other. We will rule the world. As leader of this group of phenomenal women, I have extensive entrepreneurial experience in services & non-profit businesses. Before staring my own business 10 years ago, I worked in fortune 100 companies. I understand challenges that face women running their businesses and working in corporate America. Become an AME-zing Woman!

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