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Friday, February 29, 2008

It is SO About the Numbers

Sometimes as a business woman it is easy to forget that it is a business. We get caught up in relationship, in friendship, in being liked. Especially those of us in a service businesses. Understanding your value is key to being amazing in 2008 and in your business. Over time, if you are not feeling financially stable, you will resent what you do. Do you know what you provide your clients and have you sat down and assessed the value of it? Have you thought about the work you put in to close that membership, or coaching client, or training date? Your numbers determine your business success. Now, I truly believe that you can be a strong powerful, LOVING business woman, and achieve the numbers.

Have you looked at your numbers?
Try this:
1 – What is the amount you make when you close a sale:_____
2 – What is the average number of hours you spent pre sale to get it:_____
3- What are the hours you spent post sale to meet your contract with the client:_____
4 –Divide the dollar amount by the hours. Are you charging your value? Are you making your worth? Are you giving too much away for free?
5-Look for places where you can charge, in order to increase your value.

Remember, when a client thinks you are cheap, they will typically treat you like you are cheap. Show your value, and they will pay for your value. Get to a place where you realize that and your clients will respect you more when you do.

I remember when I first did this. It was scary! Guess what? Most clients did not even blink. I think they knew I was worth more before I did.
Ann Evanston specializes in helping women get their numbers, contact her for details.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What Makes You Who You Are

I truly believe in the saying: "there are two things that determine who you are and who you will be: the books you read, and the people you hang out with" Charles Tremendous Jones. And as a business owner I want to be around others that are achieving more, and doing it smarter rather than harder. I am committed to surrounding myself with other business women who think like that. I am also committed to audio books (I can download on my nano) and reading. Sales and Marketing are two big topics this year. It amazes me how many women are uncomfortable with sales – it’s a part of life, and especially a part of business! I think I am a pretty good saleswoman, but I can always be better.

Are you the kind of woman I want to partner with? Are you:
• Challenging yourself to be even better in your business in 2008 and beyond?
• Believe, I mean really believe, in abundance and attraction?
• Are not intimidated by women doing it better than you?
• Do you read, to learn, not just for pleasure?
• Do you want to learn sales and be better at it?

Then I want to know you! I am hoping you will want to be a part of my exclusive forum of amazing women in 2008 and beyond! For more details contact me.

Ann M. Evanston, MA
Executive Managing Director,
eWomenNetwork San Francisco, East Bay/Oakland

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