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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Using Web 2.0 to Increase Visibility, Market Better and Close More Business!

Being amazing and achieving what you want doesn’t have to be hard; you just have to be smart! I mentioned that social networking has increased my ability to grow my business, and the feedback was—How?

OK: here are my 10 tips:

1– Join sites that interest you, so you will participate, which will also give you a chance to showcase your expertise.
2--When you sign up, make sure you are a REAL person! Don’t be “sxychk2008” or “businessmama.” Use your real name – after all, how can people do business with you if they cannot find you?
3--Actively participate by commenting on discussions and starting your own discussions.
4--Spell check (at least) all your posts! Type your posts in Word, and then copy and paste! Depending on how serious you are, I highly recommend an editor (OK, at least for your blog posts). Linda Jay, my editor, is fast, excellent, and worth the money! See her contact info to the left!
5--RSS your blog to your personal page, and then people can learn more about you. If you cannot do that, at least post the link!
6--Get a quality picture of yourself and use it – it will post everywhere you post! People always tell me they can feel my positive energy from my picture. (AND if you know me personally, not just on the Internet – that IS my personality!) A good picture should showcase the “real you.”
7--Post comments on others’ discussions.
8-- Be careful who you become “friends” with – do your homework first. I had one woman ask me to be her friend, and she turned out to be a card-carrying member of the Vampires Club! NOT the right connection for me!
9--Make sure you set up your settings to get email reminders if people comment or leave messages for you! You do not want to forget, you want to be prompt, and it’s a good way to remember to check out what’s going on!
10-- Show up! Social networks will not help you grow if you do not show up! Plan to be on the site at least three times a week (you have heard you should blog daily to increase Web exposure--well, I am not saying that much, but more than once a week!).

If you are struggling with how to use Web 2.0, and need more depth, join AME-zing Woman – we will coach you through the right sites and what to do!

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