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Friday, June 13, 2008

Build a Marketing Strategy for Success: 3 Tips for the Small Business Owner Tip 3

Publishing: Again, establish yourself as an expert! That is how you increase business. Post a blog, post on others blogs, and write articles for your local papers, or newsletters that attract your niche market.
Three tips to maximize ROI with Publishing:
1- Write powerful articles that you can use in multiple areas (paper, Web, and more) and keep them short.
2- Always make sure your contact info is included.
3- Keep your articles and post them to your Web site, or use them in your portfolio to increase credibility.
These three marketing strategies have been the most powerful, as I have grown a business that now has a team of five who have helped me survive the dot-bomb crash, September 11th, and our current economy issues. Even with cancellations and clients not returning, which happened in early 2008, I am still scheduled to have my best year ever, using these strategies. Try them! I am sure they will work for you, too!

Ann Evanston independently operates the San Francisco and San Ramon chapters of eWomenNetwork. Through AME-zing Woman she personally coaches women online to improve their marketing.

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